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The ecological and sustainable alternative!

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A difference for our Earth
Every day, our decisions have an impact on the environment.
We believe in the ecological alternatives and opportunities for each of us to make a difference for our Earth.

By changing our habits, we can create a real positive impact by decreasing the amount of waste we generate.

By offering quality reusable products, Lunitouti makes a difference. We are the ecological and sustainable alternative of many single-use products.



Originality, creativity and proximity

We like to do things differently. Originality has always been at the heart of our creations. Inspiration comes from nature, from our surroundings and from our imagination.

As we want to have the least possible impact on the environment, our raw material comes from Quebec, Canada and the United States.

By creating our products, we hope to greatly reduce or even eliminate the use of disposable plastic bags or disposable paper filters, which are often found in the environment. This will help reduce our waste while respecting the three R's principle of Reducing Consumption, Reuse instead of Discard and Recycle!

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